Fall 2020 Classes to Start Online

All That Dance will begin Fall classes on Monday, September 14. These will be held online until we move into our hybrid teal/yellow format. You may access online links & passwords by logging in to your Parent Portal. Emails with this information will also be sent to the email address on file.

Curious about our plans for Fall 2020?

Last week, we recorded our presentation discussing our Fall 2020 Hybrid Learning Plan. Click the button below to watch the video at your convenience. Still have questions? Email us at info@all-that-dance.com.

This Fall, School-age & older students (kids, teens and adults) will have two options:

  • Hybrid learning model: A blend of in-person & remote learning (taking class from the studio one week and from home the next). NOTE: This hybrid learning format will take place beginning when we are in Phase 3 with gatherings of up to 50 people allowed and Phase 4.
  • Remote learning only: Taking class online from home via Zoom.

When you register for classes, you will have the option to choose Teal, Yellow or Online

  • Teal students will attend class in-person at the studio on Teal Weeks and will dance remotely on Yellow weeks.
  • Yellow students will attend class in-person at the studio on Yellow Weeks and will dance remotely on Teal weeks.
  • Online students will attend class remotely via Zoom at the same time of the in-person classes.

Preschool-age students (age 4 and younger) will have two options:

  • In-person instruction; with limited class sizes
  • Remote learning only: listed as ONLINE; classes will only meet online

Your family may move from one option to another at any point during the fall. Our goal is to accommodate everyone’s comfort level as we continue to dance together.



From toddlers taking their first steps to adults getting their groove back, and everyone in between, this is where Seattle comes to dance.


Our curriculum is based on creating a positive learning environment with an emphasis on fun and creativity, social development, and brain development. Students progress at their own pace and can start at any age.


All That Dance has a long history of involvement in our community. From our annual spring recitals to ATD Honor Club charitable activities, we are committed to supporting our students, families, and neighbors.

Wayne Wurzer Scholarship

In memory of Wayne Wurzer, co-owner of All that Dance and late husband of Maygan, a scholarship fund was established to offset the costs of Company participation for dancers in need. Click the link above to view this year’s scholarship winners.

ATD Company

ATD Company is our studio’s performing dance troupe for upper-level students (currently enrolled in a Teen Level V class or higher and takes more than one genre of dance) . Our company has been an amazing performance experience for many years and continues to get better. For more information about our ATD Company, please email: atdcompany@all-that-dance.com. 

Code of Conduct

We intend for students, parents and staff of All That Dance to act in a positive and constructive way and for each of us to utilize kindness, respect and integrity as the foundation for building lasting relationships inside and out of our ATD community. Click link above to read our full Code of Conduct.