All That Dance Company is our studio’s performing dance troupe for upper-level students. Our company has been an amazing performance experience for many years and continues to get better each season. This is due to the talented and committed students who choose to participate!

Our ATD Company goals include: 

  • Creating opportunities for dancers to experience different genres and work with different choreographers on our faculty
  • Creating a safe and supportive environment among our upper-level dancers – older and younger students alike
  • Building upon dancers’ technique and focus on the performance-quality aspect 
  • Educating dancers on theater etiquette, performance responsibilities and what it means to dance as part of a company 
  • Presenting a performance to the community that highlights our dancers’ talent and dedication

Our criteria for selecting dancers in pieces include: 

  • Skill set of the dancer matches the needs of the choreographer
  • Performance-quality is demonstrated – dancer exhibits a connection to steps and music
  • Dancer’s attendance, enthusiasm, effort, and attitude — demonstrated year-round in classes
  • Dancer’s level of experience, genres studied, and age 

Company Membership Highlights

As a member of our company, dancers will have the opportunity to work with our talented choreographers. Members of our ATD faculty are eager to set pieces on serious and motivated dancers.  Each dancer who auditions will be selected to perform in two full company numbers as well as a minimum of one additional piece. Some dancers will be cast in additional pieces. Dancers will receive well over 50 hours of instruction and rehearsal time as a member of our company.  This hard work will lead to our annual company performances in June.

2020 Wayne Wurzer Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 Wayne Wurzer Scholarship Recipients, Isabel Nordlund, Ruah Uhlman and Thea North!

Click here to read excerpts of their essays titled, “The Importance of Dance in My Life.”

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