2020 Fall Class Schedule

Beginning October 12, we are excited to invite our Preschool dancers (ages 3-4+) to join us for in person classes. See the schedule below for more details.

This Fall, we are excited to offer Private, Semi-Private and Group Lessons that are in-person as another way to stay connected and move with our community. CLICK HERE to learn more about these offerings.

Not sure which dance style is right for you? See below for a brief description of each dance genre we offer. We are also happy to answer your questions, so give us a call or send us an email.

Parent Tot: A perfect way for a parent/caregiver and child to get acquainted with All That Dance! Children are playfully engaged to move in many ways– cross-laterally and contra-laterally, for instance –  shown by research to enhance brain development. We sing nursery rhymes, stretch and move to the music, and engage with many physical skills and props, including child-friendly musical instruments, scarves, a parachute, and much more! Recommended introductory class for children over 18 months and under age 3.

Creative Ballet: A great first class for exploring the world of dance! Children are playfully engaged to move in many ways – cross-laterally and contra-laterally, for instance – shown by research to enhance brain development. Fun and positive instructors use music, stories, and fun dance props to introduce ballet principles as new movement concepts are introduced each week. Social skills and self-esteem also are developed as children make new friends and enjoy each other through partner and group dancing. Yes, there’s a lot going on in these foundational classes!

Ballet: Strength, flexibility, balance, and grace are the focus of our ballet program. Proper technique, terminology, and alignment are emphasized at every level. Class structure includes barre work and adagios and allegros in the center. Pointe classes (described below) are for yet further challenges, developing skills while focusing on safety.

Pointe: A class for our advanced ballet dancers. This style is known for its beauty and grace. We offer five levels, helping dancers strengthen their feet and ankles, and progress with safety our primary focus.Pointe dancers begin at the barre and later move to center floor for technical work.

Tap: A great way to develop rhythm, coordination, and muscle control. Classes involve detailed footwork and articulation of sound. Tap is a high energy dance style and a great tool for self-expression. Many of our students go on to star in their high school musical and other shows around town.

Jazz: A strong technical foundation, consisting of ballet technique in the center floor and at the barre, forms the base of these classes. Each week, students move across the floor and put steps together in combinations as they explore this unique American dance style, which draws its inspiration from the contemporary music of today and jazz greats of the past. An ever-changing art form, jazz reflects popular culture while helping to build versatile dancers who can leap, turn, balance – and have a great time while doing it!

Pop Styles: Fun, upbeat classes that incorporate isolation movements, progressions across the floor, and complex choreography. Our pop styles dance classes are inspired by hip hop dance culture, pop culture, other dance genres, and set to age-appropriate pop music. Strength and flexibility also are important components of each class. And, most importantly, dancers develop confidence as they express themselves while creating their own, personal movement and style.

Modern: A form that explores movement, space, rhythm, and a dancer’s own creativity through a melding of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, African, and many other types of dance. The end result is a unique style marked by athleticism and expressiveness as students become aware of the endless potential for expression via movement of the human body. Floor work, progressions, components of ballet, partner work, choreography (teacher-directed), and a chance to collaborate with fellow dancers (student-directed) are components of our program, which produces dancers who are able to create their own dances as well as appreciate modern choreography in our local dance community and around the world.

Lyrical: An extension of a dancer’s training, lyrical classes combine techniques from jazz, ballet and modern genres with movement inspired by song lyrics. The perfect class for developing dancers who are seeking to enhance their performance abilities as they learn to tell stories through movement, expressing powerful emotions and creativity to reach their audiences.   Prerequisite: Teen jazz, ballet or modern III or higher. Lyrical must be taken in conjunction with an appropriate level ATD technique class.