Thank you to those of you in our community who have asked how they can help All That Dance during this pandemic. Our ATD community quickly adapted to the challenges of socially-distanced dancing, continuing classes online and persisting to produce a live-streamed online performance. We created a schedule of online open classes, free and available for all who want to join in. We are offering Summer Classes, ready to bring dancers back to the studio as soon as we are safely able. We have our eye on Fall 2020 and all the excitement of a new dance year. We keep on dancing, apart yet together.

Yet, at our core we are a small business–and we would love your help. If you are able to give, to #THANKATEACHER or #SPONSORASTUDENT, we can use this money to continue to offer dance classes for everyone–including those who may be unable to pay for dance classes now, or in the future. Any amount will help the ATD community Keep On Dancing. To donate, please click on the buttons below to navigate to each fundraiser.

ThankATeacher SponsoADancer