Brain Compatible Learning

Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, the BrainDance is a series of exercises that we incorporate into all classes. It is comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that human beings naturally move through in the first year of life. In addition, we use weekly concepts, such as “pathways,” to guide exploration.

Pre-School Curriculum

Fun and creativity abound as instructors incorporate playful stories and fun props into weekly class activities. Social skills develop as dancers learn how to take class with an emphasis on partnering and engagement with fellow class members. Brain development is enhanced by research-based curriculum.


School-Age Curriculum

Our school-age program has a place for every type of dancer, from the beginner to the pre-professional and the college-bound dance major. Performance, advanced technique, kinesiology, injury prevention, body image, and health issues are just some of the areas of expertise offered within a typical dance class.


Adult Program

Whether you are an experienced dancer or a beginner focused on keeping your bones intact and not stretching any muscles beyond their intended length, we have a class for you!