ATD takes pride in the carefully crafted placements we provide for dancers. Rather than typical tracks, we take the whole student into account when considering skill level, body awareness, safety and developmental appropriateness.

Free trial/placement classes are a great way for our staff to assess the best initial fit for your dancer. After the end of the school year, we update families on student progress with an individualized evaluation from each of their instructors, complete with a personalized recommendation for next year. Classes that are levels III and above are often two-year courses. Repeating the same advanced class is not only normal, it is to be expected as a way for dancers to expand their knowledge before moving on.


Our Teen classes are designed for dancers 13+ and are the next step in a challenging course curriculum. Because these classes move at a faster pace and cover more technique, the class levels will vary between the two age sets. For instance, a student in Jazz IV might graduate into a Teen Jazz II class. 


At our higher levels, an additional technique class of Ballet, Modern or Jazz is required in addition to any level V class and up. This advanced dance experience is especially critical with regards to safety protocols, developing strength and perfecting technique.

Building strong foundations for every dancer is our priority, and we believe in building life skills through dance.