Attire & Hair
The following is a guide to appropriate clothing and hair for dance class. If you have any questions, please ask your teacher. 


General requirements for all classes:

  • Attire: Please no stocking feet or tights without shoes. Baggy clothing is not acceptable, as it is difficult for instructors to see placement in over-sized outfits. Please no bare bellies or midriffs showing, and shorts must come to mid-thigh level. Students should wear appropriate athletic undergarments (e.g., sports bras).
  • Hair: Long hair must be pulled up in a ponytail or bun. Short hair must be pulled away from face with barrettes or a headband. If students need help, an instructor or staff member will be happy to give a quick lesson.
  • Jewelry: Large jewelry can be distraction and poses a potential danger in the classroom. Please remove all jewelry before attending class. Exceptions may be made for small items (such as small stud earrings).


Specific class requirements:
  • Creative Ballet and Ballet/Tap: Leotard and tights or shorts and a T-shirt. For Creative Ballet, bare feet or ballet shoes with elastic. For Ballet/Tap, pink ballet shoes (black for gentlemen) with elastic and black tap shoes with tap ties or elastic straps. On ballet shoes, elastics will be double-knotted and cut for the safety of the dancers.
  • Tap: Leotard and tights or stretch pants/shorts and shirt. Flat tap shoes (for younger students, please replace the ribbons in the shoes with elastic for easy slip-on).
  • Jazz: Any style or color leotard and jazz pants/shorts. Shorts shorter than mid-thigh must be worn over tights. Jazz shoes; not sneakers (any color for class, black for performance). Gentlemen: Pants or shorts that are not too baggy, fitted solid colored T-shirt. Black jazz shoes.
  • Ballet:

Beginning Ballet (5+, 7+, 10+), Ballet I, Ballet II and Ballet III:  Ladies: Solid colored leotard and footed pink tights with pink ballet shoes (large, puffy or long skirts are discouraged, as it makes it difficult for the teacher to see correct body alignment). Hair should be tightly secured away from the face. Gentlemen: Pants or shorts that are not too baggy, fitted solid colored T-shirt. Black ballet shoes.

Teen Beginning, I, II and III: Fitted clothing that allows the instructor to clearly see torso, knees, ankles and feet. Leotard and tights are recommended for ladies but not required. Ballet shoes (pink for ladies and black for gentlemen).

Ballet IV, V, VI and VII: Ladies: Solid color leotard and footed pink tights with pink ballet shoes. Hair in a bun. Gentlemen: Solid colored fitted T- shirt, dance belt, black footed tights with black ballet shoes.

  • Hip Hop: Only clean sport-type shoes are allowed on our dance floors. Students must wipe feet before walking onto dance floor. Athletic tops and bottoms are recommended for class. Baggy clothes must be kept to a minimum so instructors can see placement. Shorts and crop tops are not permitted.
  • Modern: Leotard and tights or stretch pants/shorts and a fitted shirt. Shorts shorter than mid-thigh length must be worn over tights. Solid color clothing is preferred over prints. Bare feet.